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Case #10

Joint Venture between Two Leading Arch-Competitors in Financial Services Sector


    Two fierce competitors needed to join forces in a joint venture to produce a common product/ service offering to the global financial services industry.

    The cultures and operations were diametrically opposed; outside analysts predicted its early demise.


    Using our proprietary integration architectures, we provided the processes and practices to create a truly unified organization to produce highly innovative products and services.


    By focusing on just three critical metrics:

      • Customer Retention,
      • Profitability, and
      • Teamwork,

    the JV was launched quickly, enabling the software development to proceed with a joint next generation product. 


    One year after the launch, the JV had remarkable results:

      • Was the market leader,
      • Retained 100% of its customer base
      • Retained 97% of its key leadership,
      • Attained double-digit profitability despite the recession,
      • Continued to gain market share.
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