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 Engines of Innovation Best Practices Study
 Over 100 New Practices Identified and Tested,
 Pilot Programs Successful

Finding what looks like a best practice is only part of the task. To be a best practice, the elements of success must pass a rigorous 12 point Architecture Test. Each of the best practices we unearthed has passed our tests.

Discovering Co-CreativityWe have found over 100 Best Practices from our study of innovation that really work, and can be used over a wide universe of industries and key points in the value chain. Our Case Study section demonstrates what results occurred in the pilot programs. Many of these have matured and successfuly passed the test of time.

The Best Practices fell into six categories:
(click on any of these categories to get more detailed information)Unlock Flow of Innovation

    The Best Practice investigation was privately financed by the Engines of Innovation Team. We will be discussing the nature of the best practices on the following pages. If you want detailed access to them, we will have a variety of options for imbedding them in your company. Please see the Consulting Services portion of this Web site to learn more about how we can best serve you.

It is important to understand a few things about Best Practices:

  • Best Practices are not like a “cookbook,” with precise formulations and ingredients, because every innovation arrangement is somewhat — one size will not fit all. What good architecture enables is the building of a structure that will work in a variety of different environments.
  • Neither is it valuable to attempt to make you team accomplished “mechanics,” because mechanics understand only the “nuts & bolts,” but lack the designer’s understanding of the vision, value proposition, and interactions between the systems — all capabilities possessed by an “architect.” Every innovation arrrangement is unique and must be customized to the uniquealliance partner, the required strategy, and the cultures of the alliance partners. Therefore, this is a guidebook, not a cookbook.

  • What’s more, for those managers who wear the title of “business development,” best practices are designed to prevent the “deal maker” from committing the typical mistakes that have been a significant cause of inter-organizational failure, whether alliances or acquisitions; In particular:
      • too much emphasis on legal agreements,
      • too early focus on structure without understanding strategy and functional integration,
      • lack of continuity from the negotiating team into the alliance or acquisition operations. 

    For those who diligently adhere to best practice usage, the rewards are enormous, resulting in very high success rates.

  • A Best Process is a Sequence and Flow of Best Practices. By combining Best Process with Best Practices, the innovation architect has the advantage of an extremely powerful methodology for success. .
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