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Organizational Frameworks

Innovative companies have shifted their organizational structures and operational inter-relationships to make innovation flow from both their outside and inside sources.Connecting the Organization for Innovation

The Best Companies had broken down many of their internal barriers cross-connect their own operations, and then opened up their organizations to new collaborative relationships that focused on innovation. The old value chain thus became less rigid and more open to new ideas, which brought along innovation flows.

  • We are able to diagnose organizational problems that block innovation streams and prescribe a host of best practices to cure the blockages.

Goverance of outside relationships is a very difficult process for the uninitiated. However, the most innovative companies developed highly effective management systems for governing these relationships.

  • We have developed a series of best practice frameworks for governing innovation alliances, for managing supply chain relationships, for and for joint solution delivery to customers. These are highly effective, and now, time tested.

Companies who managed innovation well externally used many of the same approaches to enable innovation to be generated by creating internal alliances across their organizational silos.

  • Using our proprietary frameworks, in many cases we have been able to restructure the the internal boundaries to open up the flow of ideas.

Because often the shift in organizational functioning can be quite large, the selection of the right people for managing innovation relationships becomes critical.

  • We have developed a very effective set of best practices that enable us to predict which people will be successful in managing in the new inter-connected world of innovation.

In technology development, developing a long-term stream of continuous innovation requires unique methods of organizing the people that generate the innovations. The best companies developed unique approaches to this challenge.

  • We have a portfolio of best practices that enable these new organizational frameworks to be implanted in your company.
    Does Your Organizational
Wiring Diagram Include 
Innovation Alliances?

     The Engines of Innovation Program
     will outline the criteria for success,
     the key processes and practices, and
    how to implement these best-in-class
    Organizatonal Frameworks in your company

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