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Case Studies


In this section of the website, we are providing you with two different types of cases:

  1. Historic Case Studies: Our team thought that there may have been a number of best practices that might have been discovered in the past, and then lost to historyHistoric View of Innovation because they weren’t effectively documented at the time. We began to delve into processes and practices that had been used in the past and still might have relevance in today’s fast moving world. We were surprised to find a number of Best Practices/Processes that could be resurrected from the misty fog of history. There is still much to do in this area.
    If you have a case you’d like to contribute, we will consider posting them. The cases can be either Historic or Current. We will honor your copyrights to the material.
  2. Client Case Studies: During the last decade, our team has been intimately involved in launching unique innovation projects across the globe. The following case studies represent innovation alliances, large and small, that have produced remarkable results using the Engines of Innovation Best Practices. We have many, many more examples, but the ones included here are quite representative of what has been accomplished. We look forward to adding many more to this list.
    • (Click on a case to view it)

    Client Cases: (Innovation Projects using Best Practices Implementation by our Team)

    • Case #1: Innovation between Bio-Tech Firms and a Global Pharaceutical company
    • Case #2: Value Chain Reengineering of Insurance Industry firm to enable new Innovations
    • Case #3: Reorientation of Global Procurement to establish flow of Innovations from Suppliers
    • Case #4: Transformation of Vendor Relationship in Major IT Global Outsourcing
    • Case #5: Alliance between two Global High Tech companies to focus on new joint innovations
    • Case #6: Outsourcing of Critical Functions by Large Interstate Bank
    • Case #7: Large International Quick Service Restaurant Chain
    • Case #8: Global Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Dilemma
    • Case #9: Large Systems Integrator
    • Case #10: Joint Venture between Two Leading Arch-Competitors in Financial Services Sector
    • Case #11: Strategic R&D Suppliers to Large Chemical Company

During the next few months, as case studies are being written up, watch for new postings

 Contact Robert Porter Lynch for more information or if you have a case you would like to have us consider for posting.

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