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 Case #9

Large Systems Integrator



    A large global system’s integrator’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) practice, while profitable, suffered from difficulties ranging from:

    • How to present the offer to business customers,
    • How to develop Service Level Agreements,
    • How to negotiate, and
    • How to form a positive long-term relationship with the customer that consistently produced innovative results without diminishing profitability


    First, we embarked on a landmark global best practices study of BPO, leveraging on our foundation of alliance best practices.


    Then we assisted core leadership teams in leading vertical markets to imbed these practices into new and existing BPO agreements.


    Customer satisfaction rates increased, SLAs were renegotiated to become more strategic and flexible, and new contracts were won over the competition. The Best Practices then became imbedded in the organizational system.

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