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Our Value Proposition by Using Best Practices

  1. Maximize Innovation Success Rate through Use of Advanced Best Practices
  2. Decrease the Time and Cost to Develop Innovation Alliances and Collaborative Relationships
  3. Ensure High Performance, Leadership & Flexibilityonce an Innovation Alliance is Underway
  4. Develop Understanding of and Commitment to an Innovation Program at Top and Middle Management levels
  5. Provide Effective Linkage between the Innovation Program’s Mission and Corporate Operating Structure
  6. Derive Exceptional Economic Value/Profits for your company

What Happens when you use Best Practices

Sources: The Warren Company 1994-2002
University of Einhoven, Netherlands 2002
Booz-Allen Hamilton, 2000
Brigham Young University-Wharton Study, 2001

      With Best Process & Best Practice,
      Success rates more than double, thus:

      • Risks are Substantially Reduced
      • Returns are Greatly Increased



    During our assessment of Best Processes and Best Practices,
    we apply stringent standards to ensure the quality of the outcome.

  • Applicable:
    • Does the principle have applicability to nearly all situations, regardless of industry or culture?
  • Actionable: 
    • Will the principle truly work in practice, or is it just nice theory?
  • Understandable:
    • Can this principle be simply communicated to those involved?
  • Verifiable:
    • Can we clearly observe the changes when the principle is put into place?
  • Measurable:
    • Is there a method of measuring this principle's effectiveness in action?
  • Controllable:
    • Will the principle enable more effective control of direction, intensity, speed, etc of the alliance?
  • Diagnosable:
    • When there is a problem, can we see the problem clearly, do we have a way to recognize the misapplication of the principle?
  • Prescribable:
    • If an element is missing, can the principle be injected into the system to cause a cure?
  • Replicable:
    • Can we recreate a positive result, time and again?
  • Trainable:
    • Can operational managers successfully acquire the skills and knowledge required for implementation?
  • Valuable:
    • Is the principle really essential, or merely a superfluous nicety?
    • Does it produce real results that impact top or bottom line performance?
  • Predictable:
    • Can we foresee, in advance, the positive or negative results?
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