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Performance Processes

Ultimately, the real test of any Engine of Innovation is in producing real RESULTS. Without imbedding real Performance Processes into the people and their teams, all the other work is superfluous. High Performance Innovation

There are three critical dimensional elements of changing the way people perform:

  1. KNOWLEDGE: WHAT must be done Differently to produce a great result
  2. CAPABILITY: HOW must a team and individuals engage Differently
  3. ACCEPTANCE: WILLINGNESS to change interactions and responses at the team and personal level

Our team has developed processes and practices that engage organizations on all three elements in a powerful way and at a purposeful level.

We found the best companies were highly effective because they drove knowledge and capability down into their middle level ranks, making the job of the innovation champions much easier, and thus more effective.

  • We have developed a number of highly effective approaches in our Action Planning Workshops that accelerate the three dimensional elements: Knowledge, Capability, and Acceptance.

The Best in Class companies had processes to address a number of issues that killed innovation across organizational boundaries. “Not Invented Here” was the number one cause of resistance.

  • We have been able to extrapolate key processes and practices that increase the speed, breakthrough thinking, and level interpersonal engagement of innovation teams.

Differentials in thinking are necessary to make any innovation come into reality. However, too many times, when differentials in thinking and culture interact, the result is dismal: conflict, rejection, denial, and frustration.

  • We have developed a large number of practices which enable true synergy and unity of execution, not conflict, to prevail at the intersection of two different organizational systems.
    Does Your Team 
Have the Capability
to Manage Innovation?

The Engines of Innovation Program
will outline the criteria for success,
the key processes and practices, and
how to implement these best-in-class
 Performance Processes, tools and skill sets in your company

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