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Capability Building is a Quantum Jump Better than Training


All of Our Action-Planning Programs are Designed to Build Capability

    Ten years ago our team discovered some incredible data:

    1. Reseach shows that people will remember only about 20% of what they learn at a training seminar just three weeks later. That means they forget an incredible 80%!
    2. We think, and our clients agree, that seminars are a waste of your money.

    3. However, the research also demonstrated that a program in which people were able to apply what they learned immediately, the results were just the opposite: They retained 80% of what they learned three weeks later!
    4. Therefore, we redesigned all of our approaches. We no longer will do a “training seminar.” Now every program is based on Capability Building. Here’s how it works:

      • Concepts: Most management personnel already either know the concept or have heard about it. So we don’t spend much time on them.
      • Best Practices: Only those Concepts that can be translated into a Best Practice are worthy of an executive’s attention. Therefore, we are sure to provide clear and concise Best Practices.
      • Tool Kits: Every Best Practice, to be applicable, should have a Tool Kit to make it work in the real world. Tool Kits are usually something simple, like a framework, a checklist, a set of questions, or set of sequential action steps.
      • Application: Every cluster of Best Practices, within minutes of presentation, is brought to a point of Application to a real life situation your organization is grappling with now. That’s why we encourage people to attend in teams.
From Concept to Capability

Objectives for an Action Planning Session


  1. Provide Best Practices & Process Map for Establishing Engines of Innovation
    with a Very High Chance of Success
  2. Create an Action-Plan:
      • a.      Practical and Directly Applicable to My Situation
        b.      Can Use Immediately
        c.       Produces High Performance & Competitive Advantage

  3. Furnish A “Common Language & Architectural Framework”
  4. Enabling Powerful Internal Teamwork, Alignment & Communication


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