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FASTART Launch Program


Start with
Best Practices
from the Outset
Have the Best
Chance of Success

  • Creates Strategic & Operational Alignment
  • Action Oriented
  • Uses Best Practices to Ensure Long Term Success
  • Ensures High Performance
  • Minimizes Future Breakdowns
  • Creates Pathway & Guidance for Legal Contract


The Problem with too many Negotiations

    Negotiating an innovation alliance can be a frustrating and time consuming process.

    Often, posturing, legal maneuvering, and false-starts spawn a severe lack of trust, delaying the alliance and frequently undermining the chance of real success.


Get Started the Right Way … and Fast

    Getting the alliance off the ground quickly and successfully is essential in this fast-paced, competitive world.

    For the high-stakes alliance, you cannot afford to lose time or take the chance of a failure.

    Using our advanced "best practices" in alliance architecture, and new, proprietary methods for creating breakthrough performance, we can produce fast and powerful results.


Designed for .... .... Breakthroughs

    We concentrate on the Key Factors for Success which seasoned alliance managers affirm are the essential ingredients to effective alliance implementation:


    • Properly Trained Alliance Champions, and Project Managers
    • Clear Operational Plan with Performance Measurements
    • Effective Management Process Designed to produce Innovation
    • Proper Guidance and Performance Reviews

The Results We Produce

    With our Fastart ® program, we introduce all the critical elements to maximize your chances the alliance will attain its long-term objectives, focusing on:

    • Ensuring alliance Success
    • Getting off the ground Fast
    • Gaining quantum leaps in Innovation Performance
    • Increasing long term Profitability
    • Shortening time needed to get Results


Our Role

    One of our experts serves as a coach, catalyst, advocate, and facilitator to be sure both sides achieve a win-win result.

    Our client is the alliance itself, not one company or the other. At all times our commitment is to produce a successful innovation relationship, with both sides fully committed, expectations clear, roles and responsibilities defined, and methodologies in place for producing high performance over the long haul.


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