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What Executives have said about the FASTART Program


“Never could have gotten the alliance started without this approach."

         CEO of Fortune 500 Technology Company

 “Would have taken a year to do what we accomplished in 3 days."

         Sr. VP of Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company

 “The most valuable experience in my career."

         Sr. Engineer of Fortune 50 Technology Company

 “Six months later, our alliance is exceeding our expectations”

         Sr. Manager, International Food Company

 “Our negotiations had been bogged down for over 1 year until we got things jump- started with the Fastart Program”

         Director, Alliances, International Mining Company

 “Focused our team to a whole new level. Now we have the right priorities and team consensus and a plan and the next steps to move forward”

         CFO, Technology Company

 “I was skeptical at first; now I see how this process should be used in every alliance.”

        Chief Legal Council, Fortune 500 Company

 “Excellent Program, moved us quickly in the right direction”

        Director of Alliances, Fortune 500 Automotive Company

 “I now have a much more realistic view … we had glossed over too many things until this session.”

        Chairman of Board, Investor in High, Technology Company

 “Immense value … Exceptional Session that fast-tracks the entire process”

        VP Marketing, Technology Company

 “Enlightening, we dug deep and brought concepts into reality”

        CEO & Founder, Technology Development Company


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