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Many Engines of Innovation Implementations are launched in environments where the sponsors need to demonstrate results fast, build credibility through pilot projects, and create internal capability before scaling up. For these situations, we custom design approaches that impact performance quickly. The “pyramid” below illustrates a sample sequence of how a series of Action-Planning & Capability Building Workshops can form the foundation of an early-stage innovation program.

Uniting Innovation Knowledge with Capability
Innovation Proliferation 
and Support Strategy
2-Day Launch Pilot Innovation
Projects with Strategic Partners 2-Day Strategic Decision Making
Action Planning & Support Systems
2-Day Engines of Innovation
Best Practices Action Planning 2-Day Creating Innovation Culture
Action Planning Workshop 1-Day Championing Innovation
Action Planning Workshop
1/2 -Day Executive
 Briefing 2-Day Alliances Best Practices
Action Planning Workshop 1 Day Strategic Portfolio Management
Consulting Session 2-Day Innovation Management

A Sample Sequence of Action Planning & Capability Building Sessions for Rapid Results

Be Sure to Discover
Why Our Action Planning and Capability Building Worshops are Effective

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