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A Personal Message from Our Team

All of us on the Engines of Innovation Team have spent our careers pioneering new initiatives in the business world. Like you, we have learned, sometimes with personal pain, what it takes to be successfu launching a new idea that, while filled with enormous potential, is not something the organization has embraced in the past.

For this reason, we have been meticulous in collecting the best practices throughout the world that maximize the possibility of rapid success. Many times you need to get other members of your top management team on board before you can move forward. For this reason, we’ve provided a Downloadable Presentation of the Compelling Innovation Issues.

We have an important message for you, which will address many of your key concerns:

We look forward to working with you as you take on the next new and opportunity filled challenge in the business world.


The Engines of Innovation Team 

As you think about your Innovation Strategy, are you maximizing innovation with every external relationship?

Here’s an example of where your Innovation Engines should be maximizing value.

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