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Innovation is Synergy’s Delivery Mechanism

A Personal Letter to Alliance Professionals


In the last 15 years, alliances have progressed from being an isolated enigma buried in the recesses of corporate infrastructure to a prime time event.


As an alliance professional, you are undoubtedly looking for the next generation of alliance strategy that will take your alliance organization into the corporate board rooms and span your organization’s value chain.


This new generation of alliances is quite a leap beyond just getting better at what you do now; it’s bringing a whole new level of thinking, making the impact of alliances felt by making a quantum jump in strategic impact. We foresee alliance strategy impacting every point in a corporation’s value chain in the very near future.


The Study of Alliances as Engines of Innovation brought us to a very important set of conclusions:

  • Innovation is the most compelling and sustainable competitive advantage in a fast moving world
  • Innovation requires differentials in thinking
  • Alliances are the most effective structure for generating innovation because, when properly executed, they enable the synergy of compatible differences.
  • All the time we sensed there was more, and we came to another equally important conclusion for the alliance profession:
  • Alliances, to sustain themselves, must make innovation a top priority. Otherwise the vision goes stale, and the human energy stagnates, and, like a swamp, becomes filled with the muck and mire of creeping obsolescence.


As you surf this website, we hope you will see new ways to create a bold future for your alliance program.


I personally look forward to working with you on an Engine of Innovation program.



Robert Porter Lynch

Robert Porter Lynch, Chairman Emeritus, Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals

For the Engines of Innovation Team


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