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How the Process Works

Case Examples of Clients who have used our Diagnostics

  • Telecommunications
    • A large global  telecommunications company  needed to improve its business development practices and procedures in the formation of strategic alliances around the globe.

      By engaging in a business development survey, critical weaknesses were quickly spotted, and remedial action was taken. Internal processes were revised and key personnel were redeployed in more strategically impactful areas of the business.


  • Pharmaceuticals
    • Two large international pharmaceutical companies were engaged in a rapidly growing joint venture, which entered into a co-marketing agreement with a third pharmaceutical company, which was, in turn, acquired by a fourth pharmaceutical company.

      With over $1 billion in sales at stake, it was imperative to monitor the alliance as it went through numerous changes in strategy and ownership.

      The Performance Assessment highlighted very serious inequities in the arrangement which led to the deterioration of relationships.  Major readjustments were made in the structure of the agreement.


  • Financial Services
    • Two rapidly growing and innovative insurance companies had a long-standing alliance that had produced a remarkable set of innovations in the property & casualty business.

      After a number of years and significant shifts in the competitive environment, severe frictions emerged between the two partnering companies. Relationships were badly strained, customers were caught in the middle, and performance was rapidly declining. Innovation had ground to a halt.

      A Diagnostic Survey quickly identified critical issues and areas where a small amount of action would create significant change.

      At that point, the partners engaged in a process to revitalize and restructure the alliance.


  • High Technology
    • Faced with rapidly changing technologies, the requirement to increase speed to market, and the establishment of numerous supplier alliances, this global corporation needed to pinpoint problems between internal divisions and external suppliers if a steady stream of new products were to come on line on time.

      By using multiple Diagnostic Assessments, they were able to identify bottlenecks, inappropriate processes, under-resourced projects, poor management processes, and intra-divisional conflicts.

These are just a few examples

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