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    Fee Schedule

    All of our speaking programs are custom designed to meet your organization’s unique needs and circumstances. Please call us to discuss the arrangements that work best for you. Below is a sample of our fee structure.

    • 1 Hour Speech about the ARCHITECTURE of INNOVATION and how it is applied to your type of organization.
         (Basic presentation, with no customization)
        Fee: $3,000 (US)
    • 1 Hour Speech CUSTOM DESIGNED to fit your organization’s unique needs
         (Presentation includes Interviews with key leaders and customization)
        Fee: $4,500 (US)
    • 1/2 Day Workshop with 1 hour speech, CUSTOM DESIGNED to address critical issues your organization
         (Workshop & Speech including interviews with Key Leaders and customization)
        Fee: $6,000 (US)
    • 1 Day Workshop CUSTOM DESIGNED to produce both Learning and Action Planning as an output
        Fee: $7,000 (US)
    • 2 Day Action Planning Workshop CUSTOM DESIGNED to produce Hi Results Innovation
        Fee: $14,000 -- New Introductory Price: $10,000 (for Limited Time Only)
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