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Synkron and PARAGON Post RelationShift Workshop Comments

Jan 12-14/2005

(Client Names changed to preserve confidentiality)

(complete, unedited feedback from each individual)

  • We’ve now got concrete things we’re going to do on both sides, hard commitments on behavioral PARAGON changes. I feel we had real commitment!! (PARAGON)


  • All the actions were “we,” not one or the other down in the organization. The benefit was we have a multi-pronged approach and integrated plans. (Synkron)


  • We wanted a client relationship building event. I think we did that, creating a grounding for partnering. I am really encouraged. (Synkron)


  • I want to thank PARAGON for the discovery of this type of forum. We are leaving here and will have success. These three days were an invaluable investment. (Synkron)


  • I am inspired by the energy, passion and commitment to make this work. Now we need to take it back to our own teams. (PARAGON)


  • I appreciate the tenacity and open mindedness of thought. This was really ground breaking work for the relationship. Now anything is possible! (Synkron)


  • There were no hidden agendas. The momentum moved from low to high. It was very powerful. (Synkron)


  • Even though we are a small customer and a real pain, we learned we are a partner. We also learned what we have done to people emotionally and can fix it. (PARAGON)


  • We went from a “hold back mentality” to an “I want to take part” attitude. I am very, very excited and motivated. (PARAGON)


  • Having us all together forced me to think about the things in the back of my mind and consciously get organized. My eyes were opened about discrepancies in what we say to our partner. (PARAGON)


  • The session had an objective focus, it was ultimate result focused to do what makes sense whether global or each region. (Synkron)


  • I am absolutely delighted with the collaboration to collectively jointly address things. There was no “he said, she said”.  By day two you could not tell which company each person was from. (Synkron)


  • We have a collective sense of direction, a roadmap and a sense of urgency. (PARAGON)


  • Each of us made a public commitment and now have an obligation to point out when we see bad behavior and we developed operating principles to track behavior. (PARAGON)


  • We have passion, commitment and energy. There is a reason to believe and plans with commitments. (PARAGON)


  • I felt safe to say what I thought. I started out not feeling safe, but now feel we are equals and it is safe to make things happen. (Synkron)


  • I was relieved to see energy. I now see Synkron behavior across different functions and at a different level. (PARAGON)


  • I saw the level of commitment rise and commitments became clear. (Synkron)


  • We appreciated the openness and it will be taken to heart. (Synkron)


  • I am excited and thankful. I felt I was alone trying to make this work and now I have 20 some people going in the same direction. The possibilities are endless. Let’s get started!!” (PARAGON)


  • Communication barriers were broken down. Things are much clearer. Now we will take the message down to every region and country. We are seeing the positives not just the negatives. (PARAGON)


  • Everything got put on the table. We wanted that and it absolutely happened. The forum had openness, safety. There is absolute high energy going forward. A partnership is absolutely what happened. (Synkron)


  • I am new to the relationship and heard lots of rumors coming in. I am now grounded. I understand the issues and can make a fresh start. (PARAGON)


  • I have a confession to make. I was one of the people saying my relationship was great but everyone else was in trouble so I didn’t want to come to the workshop. But it was wonderful to feel the commitment and openness – a huge leap getting doors open to work together. (PARAGON)


  • We broke down barriers, removed the noise and have much clearer air moving forward. Constructive enthusiasm and high commitment openly made is really positive. (PARAGON)


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