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    This program was presented May 24th In Collaboration with:

      APICS -- Santa Clara Valley Chapter

      Fourth Annual Northern California Operations Management Conference

      Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals - Silicon Valley/Northern California Chapter

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Our Value Proposition

This “Hands-On” Workshop, filled with practical approaches that produce Results will provide your team the Right Strategies, Best Practices, and Powerful Tools to:

  • Double Your Innovation Flow from your External Value Chain
  • Add Substantially to Revenues (often quantum jumps)
  • Significantly Impact Your Bottom Line
  • Create a "Hidden Competitive Advantage" your competitors will find difficult to match

The promise we made before the Workshop:

Don’t Miss this Workshop!

It will change your thinking and your priorities about Innovation in your company and in your life.

Feedback from this one Engines of Innovation Workshop with 35 attendees:

  • One in Five rated the workshop higher than “Very Satisfied” -- rating it as “The Best Ever"

Individual Comments:

  • This gives me a new way for forward. I now know the roadmap to be a proactive Champion of Innovation – Pat Hehir, Vice President Flextronics
  • Really opened my eyes to a brighter world. I came away really understanding how I can impact a greater sphere beyond those I have been collaborating with both internally and externally. Frankly, I was truly inspired... It was dead on.
    -- Malcolm De Leo, Ph.D. Director of Alliances & Technology Development, Clorox
  • The Engines of Innovation Workshop gave me a whole new insight and empowered me to stop critiquing what's wrong and lead my organization to a bold new future
    – James Reeds, President, SV Chapter, Institute for Supply Management
  • This workshop was one of the shining lights of the best conference we have ever held anywhere. Well Done!
    – Mel Nelson, Regional VP, APICS
  • Strategic Alliances will be the fastest, most impactful area of growth in innovation in the next decade.
    – William Soby, Co-Founder, Silicon Valley Innovation Institute
  • I was captivated the entire day.
    – Dr. Howard Lieberman, Co-Founder, Silicon Valley Innovation Institute
  • This gives a whole new strategic imperative to our profession. Well Done!
    – Dr. David Burt, Chairman, University of San Diego Supply Chain Manangement Institute.
  • Useful and Thought Provoking. I’ve been waiting for something like this for years.
    - Richard Marrs, Vice President, Coemergence
  • The conference was one of the best I’ve ever attended. The [Engines of Innovation] workshop was outstanding. A good model to follow in the future.
    - Ed Zabrycki – Professor, St. Mary's College
  • An eye opener to some of the practices and mindsets associated with innovative thinking. I just wanted to take a minute to say how much I enjoyed our accelerated session, thank you.
    - Ken Karp, Connectivity Management, Wells Fargo


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