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Web Site Feedback

A Few Examples of the Feedback We’ve Received:

Firms are often inconsistent with their strategy: trying to be innovative with their customers, on the one hand, but also treating their suppliers like commodity providers, on the other hand, and then wondering why their customer relationships aren't as good as they need to be! EZ, Professor, NorthWestern

A great article and I'm glad Business week realized it's relevance in the real world! RM, Honeywell

Way to go, it seems you have received some high visibility with this supply chain innovation. On our part, we continue refining our alliance process and getting the rewards for exactly the same reason you mentioned. MH, Onstar

It is difficult for many companies to use their suppliers for innovation. DG, IBM

I feel like passing it to our largest customer too! DR, Rogers Corp

This will help us as we continue down this path! GS, Lilly

We are at Philips in the process of getting more new business initiatives out of the supplier base. In fact, we are applying an alliance approach to our suppliers JB, Philips

You are working on the right thing, I haven't seen any major new project we have developed in the last three years that didn't require some significant partnerships. RG, Dupont

I really like the website. Excellent information! SL, Dell Computers

I just surfed Engines of Innovations!! Wow!  Its amazing and full of riveting and compelling information! Congratulations! This is definitely the next step to alliances - when I see what your mind thinks and writes it makes me smile because I know the world will be in better hands!
 -- N.P. Director, Alliances, VoxCom 

Supply Chain, Engines of Innovation looks like a winner and right on for the next "best practice" for procurement professionals. Our attendees will really appreciate your educating them in this area of innovation and also they will be a select group of procurement professionals that will be able to talk about "Engines of Innovation"

    B.K. National Association for Procurement Professionals Program Director
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    www.nappconference.com for further information about the NAPP

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