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July, 2006

    We just finished a the initial launch of an Engines of Innovation project at a very well known software company in Silicon Valley. The client sponsor said of this approach:

      “We now have a vision, an architecture, and a language to transform our group into something that goes beyond employee engagement -- the new focus on innovation is giving people real purpose and meaning for their work. There’s a whole new aura of excitement around here."

      When someone says this, we know we've created real value and helped shift people's approach to their work and their lives.


    What Clients and Attendees of our Programs and Action-Planning Workshops have said:

    • “You just saved us a lot of money”
    • “This got us back on track fast.”
    • “I never realized how much innovation potentional we had around us.”
    • “Everyone who touches a supplier should go through this program”
    • “Learned more in this two days than in a week at (Prestigious Name Withheld) business school”
    • “I applied the ideas to one of our most critical business relationships the next day and it turned the entire situation around”
    • “Inspiring and immediately useful”
    • “Far exceeded my expectations”
    • “The best seminar of its type I’ve seen in my 20 years in this company”
    • “Insights were most helpful”
    • “Great work and very appreciated! Wonderful Presentation!”
    • “Techniques & Pitfalls that can be applied to existing and future business relationships that we are working with...The program was very helpful and useful”.
    • “Extremely interesting, thoughtprovoking and helpful!

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