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How the Process Works


    • Using online structured surveys, interviews and analysis, we draw quantitative, statistically supportable conclusions about innovation performance. 
    • Provides insight into how well-prepared your organization is to develop and maintain world- class innovation system
    • Internet as the communication backbone with all data captured in one database.
    • Professional Consulting and Coaching available through all stages of the survey process from design through execution to analysis and interpretation of results.

The Sequence of Events (basic program)

          Client Sponsor agrees on:

              –  Survey Population

              –  Customization of Survey

              –  Timing of Study

              –  Commitment for Post-Survey Feedback
                 & Action Planning

          Survey Participants:

              –  Receive Letter of Introduction, Security Codes &
                Survey Completion Instructions

              –  Complete Surveys on Internet site

          Analysis & Evaluation of Results Performed by Engines of Innovation team. Outputs include:

              –  Analysis,
              –  Executive Narrative of Data,
              –  Comparisons to Benchmarked Data from our Diagnostic Database,
              –  Specific Recommendations & Action Plan
                concentrating on 3-5 areas of implementation

          Presentation of Completed Report as:

              –  Stand-alone Report, or

              –  During Action Planning Session, or

              –  Executive Briefing


              –  Follow-up Survey after agreed interval

              –  Large Scale Innovation Implementation Program

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