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How the Process Works

Types of Surveys Available

    We have a variety of survey frameworks we have used in our assignments. This list will give you an idea of the range available.

      –  Innovation Architecture Assessment
          • Examines the current adherence to Best Practices to determine existing strengths and weaknesses in the inter-organizational relationships.

       –  Alliance Performance Health Check Assessment

          • Performs rigorous check of the three dimensions of fit (strategic, chemistry/culture, and operational), examines performance on 5 critical metrics, and identifies conflicts or congruence on critical priorities.

      –  Business Development Assessment

          • Identifies the Strategic Effectiveness of Business Development efforts to form generate alliances and acquisitions that can provide a continous flow of innovation, new technologies, and new products

      –  Readiness Assessment

          • Determines the capabilities of the Internal Team to launch an Engines of Innovation Program, identifies pockets of resistance and “not invented here syndrome.”

      –  Supply Chain Innovation Assessment

          • Examines the ability of your supply chain to produce flows of Innovation and Competitive Advantage

      –  Capability Needs Assessment

          • Analyzes Internal Capabilities to engage in large scale Innovation Program


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