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Representative Feedback from
Strategic RelationShift
sm Participants


"I am now confident our alliance is going to be a success. We accomplished more in the three days than we have all the previous year. Without this program I would be looking for a new job shortly."

      Director, IT Outsourcing, High Tech Company


"It’s been a real eye-opener to learn what it really takes to be in an alliance. We’ve had a year’s experience in 3 days – incredible!

      Director, Human Resources, Consumer Products Company


“The path of the alliance is very different from just working together. I realize we had a lot more to do, but I’m really optimistic. I have a much better understanding of what drives the two companies, the power of what we can be, and how to get it "

      Manager of IT Services, High Tech Company


"A real eye-opener of what’s possible, and what we can do together. I’m going to push on win-win solutions from now on"

      Manager of IT Systems, Consumer Products Company


"I have real sense of purpose and being for this alliance as a higher order relationship. We’ve had an amazing revelation, with the obstacles we’ve removed, our alliance will be incredible. Every day I will ask people ‘what win-win have you crafted today?’"

      Senior Executive, High Tech Company


“We’ve had an amazing revelation, with the obstacles we’ve removed, our alliance will be incredible. The session was a real winner, creating some real momentum.” 

      Senior Executive in Supply Chain Management

“I can say this was one of the few times I’ve really lost track of time because I was so involved and interested. It exposed me to real-world tools that I can apply to my role on the alliance team.”

      Vice president, Product Marketing, Telecommunications Company


“It went marvelously! Our team sends its heart-felt gratitude and thank you for helping us prepare so effectively for these initial discussions! The preparation, tips, an overall plan for moving forward certainly contributed to the success of the session.”

      Senior Executive, Outsourcing, Pharmaceutical Company


“Many thanks once again for your help! We have received very positive feedback from both groups. I have also noticed colleagues beginning to approach strategic alliance opportunities in a very different way. For example, within a week we will have a full day meeting with another alliance partner to define the alliance starting at “win-win” criteria.” 

      Director, Strategic Alliances & Business Development, Pharmaceutical Company

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