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Business Development Kit for Saddleback Church

      To: All Peace Mission Members

      From: Business & Economic Development Task Force

      • Contents:
        “Kit” for all Peace Plan Volunteers Traveling to Developing Countries
      • Purpose:
        Provide information & tools to enable you to quickly assess a situation in your target country, mobilize your in-country team, and get a pilot project going to establish a beachhead for a new vision and new future for people in that country.
      • Value Proposition:
        God Willing
        , volunteers will be mentally and spiritually well prepared for their work, and have minimal work finding necessary materials, understand the situation in their target country, and organizing for action quickly. We have tried to based this kit on Best Practices derived from the input from people who have already been to developing countries and those who have spent years of their lives devoted to empowering people.
      • Introduction:
        Our goal as a Christian community is to build not only sustainable but reproducible communities, a Peace Plan volunteer will need the right tools to develop team skills and capabilities for producing sustainable development within their target country.
      • Some of the critical skills and values are:

        • Ability to think holistically and work across boundaries with others who have different interests, values, cultures and history.
        • Leadership skills that can build trust and mutual understanding (not using or requiring power or authority) to gain the cooperation of others.
        • Serving others, thus enabling others to create their own healthy, loving, communities that can solve their own problems, and resolve their own conflicts
        • Support learning, cooperation, tolerance, and innovation in the local community
        • Enable the local community to create its own wealth, health, and prosperity

      We hope this Kit is helpful. We are committed to making the Kit more useful for you and will be making improvements continuously. Please be sure to send us your suggestions, appreciations, and additions so that we can incorporate the ideas in subsequent versions.



      David Bridgeman, Task Force Leader,

      Sandra & Robert Lynch, Chuck Evans, & George Dalinger, “Kit” Project Team members

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