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This is a Confidential Web Site Page for Saddleback Church Peace Plan Task Force Members


Habitat for Humanity Alliance Practicioners

we welcome any feedback you have. Please contact Robert Porter Lynch

     View the Mission Kit on the Internet or

Download the Mission Kit in Word Document Format
(This is a working Draft for Review Comments, Not for General Release)

HANDBOOK DOWNLOADS for the Peace Plan Kit

Below we have included a few other documents that might be useful to Saddleback Peace Plan members. We’ve provided these additional/supplemental materials to stimulate ideas for the development of materials for the peace plan. Please adapt, challenge, add to, and modify to meet God’s purposes and plans. -- Robert & Sandra

Downloads of Open and Proprietary Materials (some of these documents are in finished form, and others are works-in-progress.) Any comments or feedback would be deeply appreciated. Some were originally developed for mature economies, others for business clients, and many for different purposes than envisioned by the Peace Plan. However, we are willing to rewrite & rethink these materials to meet Saddleback Peace Plan needs, or if you want to take the ideas and adapt them for your needs, please go forward. Naturally, if you use something or improve upon it, we would like to know so that we can make further improvements and make your upgrades available to others.

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